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Mind+Body+Soul Wellness

Naturopathic Consultations & Wellness Packages

Collection of 9 Beautiful Organic Herbal Teas

Tea Meditation & Ceremony

Intuitively blended
Beautiful to drink
Visually mesmerizing 
Divine aromatics
Made with Love

Organic Herbal Tea

"Merging spiritual & therapeutic aspects of herbal wisdom along with a beautiful sensory experience"

Mind+Body+Soul Collection of 9 Organic Herbal Teas 

Intuitively Blended & Beautiful To Drink

Visually mesmerizing & Divine Aromatics

Made With Love

Naturopathic Consults

'Naturopathy draws on the healing power of mother nature to treat the WHOLE person Body, Mind & Soul'

We offer Innovate Naturopathic Consultations & Wellness Packages

DNA Testing, Happy Mind, Preconception Care for Couples, Detoxification Essentials, Kids Essentials, Naturopathic Essentials

Tea Meditation & Ceremony

"Tea a divine remedy & supreme gift of heaven"- Eisai

We are passionate about bringing back mindfulness and ceremony into tea drinking and offer tea meditations & sound healing events. Check out our events page on FB


Our Journey So Far ....

We are Natasha and Renae, cofounders of IW

How did we come begin, you want to hear?

IW began as an inspirational coffee date back in November, (under a powerful transformational Scorpio full moon if I remember correctly) with a vision of embracing the body, mind & soul for our collective wellness. 

Back at Endeavour college where we both studied, one of the foundational principals of naturopathy is treat the WHOLE PERSON. We thought how can we do this better, how can we empower you to take your health into your own hands, let’s make your spiritual well-being AS important as your body and mind.

This vision will evolve & grow but right now it looks like a collection of 9 beautiful organic herbal teas, embodying Body, Mind and Soul, formulated intuitively using our 9 years of experience as naturopaths.

We are so excited to introduce them to the world of wellness and hope that you fall madly in love with them, just as we have.

Be Well & Happy xx

Upcoming Events
Sun, Mar 22
12 Crosshill Green
The New moon energy is the perfect time to manifest and set our intentions for the next Luna cycle. Its time to connect to the truest aspects of self, the perfect time for deep meditation, insight & reflection. We have created sacred space for you to do this through tea meditation & sound healing