This beautiful gift bundle includes an IW organic Tea, Botanical Smudge Stick & Chain & Ball Tea Infuser and packed in a beautiful 100% recycled gift box. The perfect gift for any occasion or some beautiful self care for yourself! About The Botanical Smudge Sticks  Vibrant Souls, a local perth company have exclusively handmade this beautiful Botanical Smudge Stick for IW. The inspiration behind this is the flowers in the Goddess tea. Each Botanical Smudge Stick contains Lavender, Rose, Hibiscus, Chamomile & Sage. All the flowers Vibrant Souls incorporate are sourced with a preference towards being organic or unsprayed and wherever possible grown locally. Historically, Botanical Smudge Sticks are used to purify the mind, body, and soul. They purify the atmosphere to disperse negativity for cleansing oneself, others, places, things, times and events. The smoke and herbs work together to clear the mind and help enhance our clarity and positivity. IW Organic Teas 'Merging spiritual & therapuetic aspects of herbal wisdom along with a beautiful sensory experience' Naturopathic formulated, made with love, beautiful to drink & divine aromatics. *See each individual tea for ingredients list & description*

Goddess Gift Bundle

Tea Blend
  • Chain & Ball Tea Infuser: Simply fill the infuser with your favourite loose leaf IW tea and infuse like a regular tea bag. This size is ideal for a single cup of tea. The chain allows you to dunk and lift the mesh tea ball in and out of hot water 

    Brewing: Place 1 heaped tsp in 250ml of boiling water. Infuse for approxiamtely 15 mins, strain then sit back, relax and enjoy. 

    For a stronger infusion place 2 heaped tsp in 250ml of boiling water for 10-15mins, strain then sit back relax and enjoy

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